The book has already received a number of reviews. Links can be found below:


Kirk Helliker in the Journal of Contemporary African Studies
Nicholas van der Walle in Foreign Affairs
Miles Tendi in African Arguments
Henry Bernstein in the Journal of Agrarian Change (forthcoming)
Busani Mpofu in African Affairs
Lionel Cliffe in Review of African Political Economy
African politics
Busani Bafana in New Agriculturalist
Samuel Andoh in Africa Today
Commentaries on the book by various researchers
Babington Maravanyika in Tonight
Zayn Nabbi in UKAfrosphere
Percy Zvomuya in the Mail and Guardian
Roger Southall in Africa Spectrum
Terrence Ranger in Africa: Journal of the International African Institute
Amanda Hammar in African Studies Review
Marja Speirenberg in Development and Change
Blair Rutherford in Journal of Contemporary African Studies